You can now try Telegram video calls: how to do it

Telegram has become one of the most popular messaging applications in Spain, in addition, worldwide they already have more than 400 million users. A few months ago, when they reached this number of users, the application announced that they were working on introducing video calls in the application, although no dates were given for their introduction.

These video calls are one of the most anticipated functions in Telegram, which you can already try in your account in the app. Thanks to the new beta of the application they can be used now these video calls officially and thus try one of the most anticipated functions in the messaging application before anyone else.

How to use Telegram video calls

This is Telegram beta 7.0 where we already find these video calls. A beta that is launched on both Android and iOS, so that all users of the messaging application will be able to enjoy them in their account. In order to use them, the two people participating in this call must have said beta 7.0 installed on their device. Once this has been accomplished, we will be able to make use of them, following these steps:

  1. Open Telegram on the phone.
  2. Enter the chat with that person with whom you want to make the video call.
  3. Click on the top three vertical dots.
  4. Tap on the Video Call option.
  5. Make such a video call.

Call quality is correct, both the image and the sound. In the time of use I have had fewer interruptions (such as the sound cuts out) than when using video calls on WhatsApp, but it would be necessary to see if this is the case if these video calls are used more frequently. As in other apps, we have the possibility to change cameras, to show the other person what we are seeing. In addition we can also mute our microphone or turn off the camera, without leaving the call, making the other person not see us. They are common options in video calls, which are not lacking in this case.

Thanks to these video calls, the app will be able to stand up to WhatsApp in more areas, since this was one of the functions that were missed in the app. Video calls are official in this beta 7.0 of Telegram for Android and iOS. Although if you want to wait for the stable version of the app, it is expected to be released shortly. To download this beta, you have to enter this link, and here you can access the official download of the app. Once you and someone else have installed it, you can use those video calls.




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