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You need to change your Garmin passwords for this reason

You need to change your Garmin passwords for this reason

You need to change your Garmin passwords for this reason

If you are a user of a Garmin smart watch you should change the password immediately. The well-known manufacturer of sports wearables has confirmed what we already feared: they have been hacked. The North American company was the victim of ransomware, a type of attack that consists of encrypting the company’s data and demanding a ransom in the form of money. According to Sky News reports, the company could have made the payment to regain control of its systems.

The company was paralyzed for several days

Surely if you used Garmin devices you realized that something strange was happening. Since last Thursday the company has been experiencing problems and users could not synchronize their workouts with sports tracking applications like Strava. Now the company has recognized that the problem came from a hacking of their systems.

This hack was on a large scale, it not only affected the synchronization of user data. As confirmed by Garmin itself, all your online services were interrupted, including the functions of the website, customer service, customer applications and company communications. In other words, the company was totally paralyzed by the action of hackers.

Garmin has ensured that there is no indication that hackers have accessed, lost, or stolen customer data. Not even Garmin Pay’s payment information. However, if you are a Garmin user, you should change the password for your services.

The services already work

change Garmin password

After some very difficult days, the North American company seems to have regained control of its systems, since all its services have begun to be restored. The company has reported that the affected systems are being restored and that they expect to return to normal operations in the coming days.

This sudden recovery suggests that the company has chosen to pay the ransom requested by the hackers. According to Sky News reports, Garmin would have made the payment to the attackers to obtain the decryption key and regain control of their systems. Company employees confirmed to ZDNet last week that Garmin was attacked with WastedLocker ransomware, a type of cyber attack generally associated with the Russian hacker group Evil Corp.

We don’t know if it will be confirmed one day, but if it is, Garmin could get into serious trouble, since the United States Treasury prohibited users and companies in the United States from making transactions with this group. For this reason, according to anonymous Garmin sources, the payment would not have been made directly to the group.

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