Your future mobile screen will finally be much more scratch resistant

Gorilla Glass Victus is the next great generation of Corning’s chemically tempered glass, which after many years of pursuing shock resistance will also seek to improve its scratch integrity

The Gorilla Glass 6 has practically not left the most noble range yet, but it seems that Corning He has not stopped working in these troubled times and now he introduces us to his new great generation of chemically tempered glass, with which the New York firm aims to remain at the forefront protecting the most important smartphones on the market from the next months.

This new iteration of the popular Corning crystals are called Gorilla Glass Victus, and after pursuing for years resistance to shocks and falls it seems that the manufacturer has finally focused on improving scratch resistance that it remained intact from its third generation, and that without a doubt already needed a renovation to raise the level.

Gorilla Glass Victus, the next generation of Corning glass

Gorilla Glass Victus, Corning’s next generation of ultra-tough glass is officially unveiled

The Gorilla Glass Victus was presented directly to us by The Verge, reporting in passing the keys to some crystals of the future that They promise to withstand falls of up to 6 feet -almost 2 meters-, in addition to improving the aforementioned scratch resistance that we have both tested on channels like JerryRigEverything.

Obviously no tempered glass for smartphones is bombproof, but this Gorilla Glass Victus promises to double the scratch resistance of the Gorilla Glass 6 in addition to resisting drops of up to two meters

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Samsung and Apple are confirmed as the first manufacturers to mount the Gorilla Glass Victus

And yes, friends, few know these details but since 2014 and with the Gorilla Glass 3 from then on the market, Corning’s boys had shown no significant improvement in scratch resistance with the following generations, looking for more durable glass with respect to falls and blows.

The experts’ tests left no room for doubt, because the Gorilla Glass 4s were actually somewhat worse in some stress tests, and the fifth generation returned to levels of the third keeping the sixth unchanged in this important quality, such as bearing scratches against metallic keys or coins that coexist in the purse and pockets with our devices.

Victus not only modifies the expected name of the Gorilla Glass 7, but breaks a bit with Corning’s strategies improving both sections notoriously, as the US company itself announces twice the scratch resistance of the Gorilla Glass 6, and four times better resistance than the highest range of its competitors like the Japanese DragonTrail.

Gorilla Glass 6, presentation

Gorilla Glass Victus is twice as scratch resistant, and climbs drop tests up to 2 meters in height

They report in addition to that advanced shock resistance, certified with empirical evidence of drop from heights of 6.5 feet or 2 meters, improving the meter and a half that the sixth generation of Gorilla Glass resisted. Soon you will be able to trust the glass of your smartphone, even if it falls from the height of your ear.

In any case, and although we are extremely happy with the evolution of Corning and its popular Gorilla Glass, you know that no glass is bombproof and it all depends on how the smartphone kisses the ground, in addition to the possible particles of earth, sand or metal that may remain between the Gorilla Glass Victus and some keys, for example, and that could effectively scratch it:

I think those warnings would still apply to any glassware. In any case, these improvements what they do for you is reduce those problems in a quite dramatic way.

Jaymin Amin, Vice President of Corning

Corning itself also confirmed that its first clients for the commercial landing of the Gorilla Glass Victus are South Koreans from Samsung, who will release the product on one of their high-end devices in the coming months. It has also been confirmed that Apple has asked about them, and it is likely that next generations of iPhone or iPad incorporate it as standard.

Apparently, Victus won’t cost more than other optionsWhile Corning hints at a slightly higher price, it says it will match other manufacturers, so high-performance smartphones probably won’t be able to justify their high prices by adopting the new Gorilla Glass. Without a doubt, great news!

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