Your mobile clock now does many more things, like helping you sleep

The Google clock app is updated to help you sleep better: these are its news.

Google has updated its clock app for mobile, and their news will make you sleep better. The new “bedtime” tools –as Google calls them–, come to all Android phones with versions from 6.0 Marshmallow.

The novelties of the clock app are part of Google’s set of digital well-being tools focused on sleep-based health, and among them we find cool features as the possibility of configuring our night hours.

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The clock app on your mobile is now much more useful.

All the news from Google Clock to help you sleep better

The first new function allows select our daily sleep schedule directly in the watch app. In this way, the application will recommend us an hour to go to sleep.

Also, at that time, the app will offer soothing sound recommendations from sources like Calm, Spotify, or YouTube Music. It is also allowed to associate our sleep routine with the Digital Wellbeing function, so that during this time we will not receive notifications.

Also added a new statistics panel what show if We have used the mobile more than we should at night, and in which apps we have spent the most time.

Also, in the morning, the clock app will show a reminder showing the day’s schedule in terms of events, meetings and other entries on our calendar, so that it is easier for us to organize our day.

Another interesting novelty is the new animation with which the clock will wake us up in the morning. As in Pixel devices, now the alarm clock will illuminate the mobile screen 15 minutes before the alarm time with colors that emulate those of dawn.

According to Google, this feature is intended for avoid interrupting our deep sleep and wake up in a more pleasant way.

Google has confirmed that all these functions are already available on the Google Pixel, and will reach any mobile with a version from Android 6 this summer. To enjoy them, just download the google clock app.

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