Your mobile will charge from 0 to 50% in 5 minutes with Quick Charge 5

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 supports power that exceeds 100W.

Charging half the battery of your mobile in just five minutes will be possible … as long as your future smartphone supports the Quick Charge 5 technology Qualcomm has finally officially unveiled, with support for powers that exceed 100W.

With this new version of its fast charging technology, Qualcomm finally puts Quick Charge at the level of solutions from other manufacturers, that in recent years they had rapidly evolved to exceed 100W of supported power, driving the charging speeds of smartphones to never-before-seen extremes despite the difficulties associated with the implementation of this type of technology.

Google Pixel 2 XL, fast charge

Quick Charge 5 offers powers of more than 100W

Qualcomm Quick Charge 5 is official: capable of charging a 4,500 mAh battery in 15 minutes

One of the great advantages of Quick Charge compared to other proprietary technologies is the backward compatibility. Phones that support Quick Charrge 5 are still able to charge quickly – to the maximum supported by the charger and cable used – using chargers with support for previous versions. Also, support for fast charging USB-C Power Delivery maintained, so that it is possible to use third-party accessories without compatibility problems.

With this version of Quick Charge, Qualcomm enables the possibility of recharge up to 50% of batteries in just 5 minutes through powers that exceed 100W, also ensuring that a 4,500 mAh battery can be fully recharged in just a quarter of an hour. All this, while reduces temperature by up to 10 degrees Celsius, and the efficiency of the charging system is increased by up to 70% compared to the previous version, thus trying to extend the life of the batteries, which, as we know, suffer to a greater extent when subjected to such high charging powers.

An interesting novelty of this technology is the “Smart Identification of Adapter Capabilities” function, which refers to a series of systems responsible for monitor and verify the limits of the charger to which the device is connected, in order to negotiate the most suitable charging power. It is also a safer system, thanks to its 8 levels of voltage protection, 3 levels of current protection, 3 levels of thermal protection and 3 levels of timer protection.

Quick Charge 5

Some of the most important news of Quick Charge 5

Qualcomm ensures that manufacturers that launch terminals with Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 processor and new versions will have the possibility of support Quick Charge 5. In addition, the Snapdragon 700 series of processors will also support this technology, so we can expect the arrival of reduced price mobiles equipped with the latest Qualcomm fast charge technology. Finally, it is specified that the accessories compatible with Quick Charge 5 can be used to quickly charge other devices, such as tablets and laptops.

Although no dates have been specified, the first phones compatible with Quick Charge 5 should arrive later this year. Qualcomm has confirmed that Xiaomi will be one of its first partners to launch terminals equipped with this system.

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