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Last May it was confirmed that the IFA 2020 was finally going to be celebrated, although with an event notably adapted to the current situation. After the cancellation of MWC 2020 in Spain, there were doubts about the possible holding of the event in Berlin, which will be held at the beginning of September, but for now it goes ahead and the first brands are beginning to confirm their presence, as is the case of Honor.

If Samsung became the first brand to confirm that they were not going to be at IFA 2020, which takes place between 3 and 5 September, Honor becomes the first phone brand confirming that they will be in this edition. They do so by confirming their own presentation, which is already dated.

Honor will have a presentation at the IFA

Honor presentation IFA 2020

Honor has chosen September 4 for his own presentation in this IFA 2020. The Chinese manufacturer has not yet said anything about the products they are going to present, but the official poster they have chosen to announce said presentation already gives us many clues, because we can clearly see the silhouettes of a series of products, under the slogan “Expand your Smart Life”.

In the photo above you can see a tablet, a mobile phone, an activity bracelet, a sports watch and a computer laptop. For this reason, it is implied that the brand will present all these products at said event in Berlin, unless this is officially confirmed. What is clear is that we can expect several products from you in this presentation.

Most likely, these weeks prior to the celebration of IFA 2020 will go away knowing more about which products they will be the ones that Honor will present at the event. In addition, more brands that will be present at this year’s edition should also be announced, although it should not be ruled out that there are major absences, given the current conditions, both in Germany and the rest of the world.

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