YouTube does not become part of German quota measurement

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The cooperation with Google to measure quotas in Germany failed. The video platform Youtube is therefore not part of the German TV ratings.

Since 2015 there have been discussions and a project between the AGF video research and the tech giant Google with its platform YouTube. Both sides announced independently on Thursday that the collaboration would end.

The AGF video research said: “After a long and very intensive negotiation period in the past 18 months, both parties have decided not to renew the Project Evaluation Agreement, which was the basis for the negotiations.”

Google, in turn, said: “Since 2015, AGF and Google have been working on convergent net reach for TV and online video, including YouTube – now AGF Video Research has decided that the Project Evaluation Agreement, which was the basis for the negotiations, no longer to extend.”

For decades, AGF Video Research has been measuring daily TV ratings for public and private TV stations in Germany. There was also the streaming area of ​​these stations. That makes the offers comparable. The odds are also an important indicator of advertising revenue. The television industry is interested in the fact that large international streaming providers are also integrated into the local measurement system.

The AGF video research said that the door to cooperation is still open to Google. Nothing is known about the reasons why the collaboration ends.

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