YouTube Kids for Amazon Fire TV Stick: Download and Requirements

After years of cold war between Amazon and Google, both companies buried the hatchet last year. This has quite a few positive consequences for the user. For example, Chromecasts and other Google devices will sell smoothly on Amazon. On the other hand, television devices Fire tv They will be compatible with Google applications like YouTube and services like Chromecast. In July of last year, YouTube and Chromecast arrived on Amazon’s Fire TV.

Children’s YouTube Turn

A year later (much more than expected), YouTube Kids also arrives for Fire TV devices, including the famous Fire TV Stick. YouTube Kids is a standalone application and has been designed to provide a safe and fun experience in YouTube for children.

YouTube Kids

Parents can create different profiles, ideal for multiple siblings or children with access to the same device. From there, the idea is that they can explore the application on their own. Now, they can also do this using a Fire TV device.

All the design of the application and its management is designed for the smallest of the house. This includes larger buttons for easy interaction and graphics specially adapted for children. Furthermore, the parental controls They allow creating personalized profiles for each child, as we have already mentioned, blocking channels or videos that we do not want them to see.

Another possibility is limit time They can spend watching videos or the hours of the day they are allowed to do so. Finally, parents must choose the category of videos they want each profile to see between preschool, for children 4 years of age or younger, children from 5 to 7 years of age or older, for those over 8 years of age.

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