YouTube Music collaborative playlists reach everyone

YouTube Music is one of the fastest growing applications in Spain. Google keeps the application constantly updated with new functions, renewing its sections, like the artists section a few days ago. The app recently introduced a new feature, collaborative playlists, which reached a few users.

It’s been a couple of weeks since these collaborative playlists will start to arrive some users on YouTube Music. Now, the rollout of the function is worldwide and they are beginning to reach all users of the app on Android and iOS.

Collaborative playlists on YouTube Music

Youtube Music collaborative playlist

It’s been a couple of weeks since these collaborative playlists started reaching some users on YouTube Music and we already tell you how it is possible to create them in your account in the Android app. This function is now being deployed generally among users, starting today, although you may not yet have access to it in your account.

The collaborative playlists are designed so that you can share a list with your friends, so that they have access to that list that you have created and where you have added songs. By having access to this list, users will be able to also add songs to it, thus creating a more complete list. In addition, users will be able to add as many people as they want to their lists in the application.

For now, these collaborative playlists have been launched among users on Android, although YouTube Music iOS users will also have access to them, and the deployment is progressing in their case as well. A function with which the application continues to improve and that seeks to bet on collaboration between users, taking inspiration from group sessions on Spotify.

It is not the only novelty that we find in YouTube Music, because also suggestions based on artificial intelligence, which we talked about a couple of weeks ago, are being officially deployed among users. All users of the app will have access to them as well. If you use the app, in the next few hours you should enjoy these collaborative playlists.




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