YouTube Music disappoints in its first appearance on Android TV

Google Play Music is already in its twilight and in this 2020 it will say goodbye definitively, but for this Google still has a lot of work to do with a YouTube Music that has landed disappointing on Android TV

When Google introduced us to YouTube Premium and YouTube Music in May 2018, we learned that the end of google play music was near. And yet, the truth is that Google’s music service is still alive a couple of years later, although giving now his last flicks already officially, with a discontinuance announcement throughout the same year 2020.

Not surprisingly, the Mountain View giant has already enabled its music collections transfer tool from Google Play Music to YouTube Music, and it is already beginning to take the definitive steps for the global landing of YouTube Music, which has just appeared on Android TV although disappointing in its premiere.

YouTube Music on Android TV

YouTube Music finally appears on Android TV, but disappoints in its premiere

We were taught by the colleagues of Android Police with screenshots and everything, apparently some North American users are already receiving a new section Music in the YouTube app for your Android TV devices, which have already been tested with many shortcomings yet.

Google is already preparing the global landing of a YouTube Music service that opens on Android TV still having numerous flaws, integrated directly into the YouTube app and without background playback

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YouTube Music on Android TV

A well-known interface, similar to the mobile app, but still in diapers

This is the section Music YouTube on Android TV, what does it offer and what is still missing?

The first thing that stands out is that YouTube Music is not a new and independent app on Android TV, as would be expected, but rather a section within the existing YouTube app It does adapt the graphics and the well-known design of the YouTube Music mobile app.

It has at least many of the most important YouTube Music features, such as the section Music you like which includes all those songs that we have marked with the thumb up and the public or other users’ lists to which we have subscribed.

Also present already the section Music for you where we will see our Mix personalized, our ‘likes’ and the personalized music discovery section for us.

The generic stations they also work, our playlists are indeed not missing the appointment, and we will have options to listen our recommended artists and also recommended playlists by the algorithms of the YouTube music service.

However, many are still the flaws, because in the music you like sometimes the lists are cut and they are not shown completely, in addition also background music playing is missing that on a television it would be debatable as a necessary option, but that we always want it to be in case we surf the Internet with TV and we want to continue listening to music, to give just one example of use.

We cannot either use different ways of reproduction or order the musical selection, nor can we choose the music or video modes as we do on smartphones. There is no possibility of managing the different playlists, at least for now.

The worst is there is no full access to the entire library, with separate albums, songs, artists, or playlists, and the songs or albums that we have migrated are not available either from Google Play Music or personally uploaded to our online collection on the service.

The song lyrics don’t work right now, either. the update is being activated on the server side and is transparent to usersWe cannot inform you of a suitable method to speed up this update.

Let’s hope in any case that when it arrives officially make it more cooked, and although it is not as an independent application on Android TV, we can at least access our entire collection and manage playlists to move the order or search the music that we have uploaded to the service and / or migrated from Google Play Music … For now, this is just a first step!

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