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ZDF annual report for Kika, 3sat, info and culture

ZDF annual report for Kika, 3sat, info and culture

Picture: © ZDF / Corporate Design
Picture: © ZDF / Corporate Design

The director of the ZDF, Dr. Thomas Bellut draws an interim balance for the following four channels: Kika, ZDFinfo, 3sat and ZDFkultur – the latter have only been available – this time only online – for a good year.

With a market share of 12.9 percent, the Kika will also be the most-watched children’s channel in Germany in 2020 (as of June 28). The children’s channel is just as successful online: almost 29 million views on YouTube in April – a new monthly record. And the Kika pageviews doubled from almost five million visits in January to more than ten million visits in April.

In order to continue to address the target group, one had to offer multimedia content. Therefore, a comprehensive relaunch of the online offers and is planned by 2021. A separate sub-brand for the pre-teens is being developed and a “logo!” YouTube channel is to be created.

ZDFinfo – the most popular documentary

New record: With a market share of 1.5 percent (as of July 1), ZDFinfo further extends its lead and remains the most viewed German documentation and information broadcaster. Over 400 documentaries were also produced last year.

Five years ago, the market share was 1.1 percent. A new station record was achieved in June with a market share of 1.9 to 14- to 49-year-olds. This could not least be due to the increased multimedia presence – more than 170,000 users are currently following the channel on Instagram.

© 3sat

The three-country broadcaster 3sat has successfully repositioned itself: a new program has been available since March, a new media center and a new design since last year. The new scheme: more in-depth information on the weekdays and sophisticated fiction at the end of the week.

In 2019, 3sat achieved an annual market share of 1.3 percent in Germany for the third time in a row. It was one of the most successful years in the station’s 35-year history. In the 3sat and ZDF media library, the number of calls per day rose by 75 percent to an average of 0.12 million.

One year of ZDFkultur

With 24 specially produced formats, new cultural partners and a Grimme Prize nomination, ZDFkultur also draws a positive interim assessment. The ZDF digital offering only went online in February 2019 and presents non-linear cultural content in the ZDF media library as well as on YouTube and Co.

ZDFkultur has been active on Facebook since the start and has more than 166,000 subscribers and 7.3 million video views per month. Since the beginning of June, the “around the word” offer on language cultures has also been featured on Instagram.

In addition to numerous classic cultural offerings such as concerts, opera and theater recordings, the ZDFkultur portfolio also includes interactive modules on art and literature such as the “secret of images”.

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  • 3sat: © 3sat
  • ZDF logo: © ZDF / Corporate Design

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