ZDF brings two new true crime formats

ZDF is launching two new true crime series in its late program. In “Evil in Humans” and “Death in …”, unusual criminal cases are highlighted.

Why does a person become a murderer? This question should be answered in “Evil in Humans”. In the true crime talk show, moderator Sven Voss and crime psychologist Lydia Benecke want to investigate unusual criminal cases. The focus is on people who have lived an inconspicuous life up to the time of their terrifying crime.

Lydia Benecke is to explain how people suddenly become egoists, psychopaths or sadists. The various cases should also be placed in a scientific or social context. The season consists of four episodes. The start is on July 27th at 1.10 a.m. on ZDF. The episodes can already be seen in the ZDF media library the day before.

As ZDF announced, Sven Voss and Lydia Benecke are currently also shooting the four-part true crime documentary series “Tod in…”. In the series, crimes and related investigations are reconstructed at the scene. These are cases that have been of particular concern to people in recent decades.

A start date for this program is not yet officially known.

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