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ZDF television council: Corona cannot make TV programs worse

ZDF television council: Corona cannot make TV programs worse

ZDF / Ralph Orlowski

The ZDF television council is pushing to maintain the quality of the TV program despite the failures and postponements caused by the Corona crisis.

“As a television council, we also see this with great interest that the program is not getting worse, but possibly even better,” said chairwoman Marlehn Thieme of the German Press Agency.

The TV Council is a body that works for the interests of the general public with a view to the program work of the ZDF. The council is composed of different social groups – including sports, church, politics, culture, social affairs – and is not bound by instructions.

Thieme emphasized that now it is important that, despite production interruptions and higher production costs such as hygiene measures, “a good and almost more program has to happen”. Many major sporting events are canceled, such as the European Football Championship, which were included in the program. “You have to find a stimulating program with creativity,” Thieme said.

Because of the corona crisis, television stations were faced with shooting stops or postponements. Filming is slowly starting up again. There are precautions on the sets. TV stations also have to compensate for the missing sporting events. The ARD, for example, even expects additional costs as a result.

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