Zoff with Nuhr: research community pulls back

© Petrovich12 - Fotolia.com
© Petrovich12 – Fotolia.com

The German Research Foundation had removed a contribution from Dieter Nuhr. Now he’s online again.

The German Research Foundation (DFG) has put a previously removed audio contribution by Dieter Nuhr online again. This was done with the consent of the cabaret artist, the research community announced on Thursday in Bonn. A spokesman said it was hoped to have resolved the dispute in a face-saving manner for both sides.

“The DFG expressly regrets having prematurely removed Dieter Nuhr’s statement from the website of the online campaign # fürdasWissen”, it said in a statement. Nuhr is a person who stands in the middle of society and is committed to science and rational discourse. Even if his pointedness as a satirist may be irritating to some, an institution like the DFG is committed to freedom of thought. “We have therefore resumed the contribution.”

At the request of the DFG, Nuhr (59) had taken part in the online action #forthesnowledge. After his post was also posted on Twitter, there were many critical comments. The DFG then took the contribution from the site and from the YouTube channel. However, it was not deleted on Twitter. Nuhr then accused the DFG of “giving in to the ideologists on the Internet”. He had never argued against science.

Science journalist Ranga Yogeshwar said on Thursday that the dispute had been resolved. He tweeted: “Enjoy the constructive turnaround in the DFG-Nuhr case! Let us take the chance together and listen instead of judging, questions instead of answers, understanding instead of condemning, arguing instead of defamation and inviting instead of exclusion… A good day !! ”

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