Zoom launches its own gigantic, tactile and very expensive screen for video calls

Zoom presents its own 27-inch touch screen ideal for remote work, and it will arrive next August.

In the last months Zoom, an app for group video calls, has gone viral. Many companies, schools and institutions have used this tool to hold their work meetings or classes directly from their computer or from their smartphone. Now Zoom has released your own screen for video calls, gigantic, tactile and very expensive, and that will make having meetings through the platform easier.

Zoom It is expanding to hardware, as the company has announced in a statement the launch of Zoom for Home – DTEN ME, its new touch screen designed to help those who work remotely and which will go on sale next August to a price of 599 dollars, about 526 euros to change. Without a doubt, it is an expensive device but it is really useful due to its characteristics, which you can find out below.

Zoom launches its own screen for video calls

Zoom launches its own screen for video calls, and it’s really big.

Zoom’s new product is actually a 27 inch touch screen It includes three smart webcams, eight built-in noise reducing microphones, and comes preloaded with Zoom software. It should be noted that it is a product that the company has developed in collaboration with DTEN, a North American company specialized in manufacturing video conferencing devices.

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Zoom presents its own 27-inch touch screen ideal for remote work

It is known that this touch screen will have a fairly simple interface and simple, providing quick and direct access to the various Zoom functions, such as contacts, phone calls, interactive whiteboard, for the content exchange without interruption or meetings, among others. It will also sync with the user’s calendar and display upcoming meetings in a menu. But that is not all, since this device also serves to share screen or as a second monitor, and for this you only need to link the DTEN to the smartphone or computer.

It should be noted that this is the Zoom’s first certified home device, although its high price may prevent it from succeeding. For now, all you have to do is wait for it to go to the market to see how this giant Zoom screen makes, specially made for those who have to work from home or remotely from any other place.

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